General Election 2017

The results for the two Haringey constituencies are as follows:

Hornsey and Wood Green

Name of Candidate Party Votes Elected?
ALI Nimco Women’s Equality Party 551
ATHOW Anna Christine Workers’ Revolutionary Party 55
BARNES Dawn Liberal Democrats 10,000
HALL Sam Green Party 1,181
LANE Emma Louise Conservative Party 9,246
PRICE Ruth UK Independence Party (UKIP) 429
SPIBY-VANN Helen Christian Peoples Alliance 93
WEST Catherine Labour Party 40,738 Yes

Number of rejected papers: 158
Turnout: 62453
Percentage turnout: 78.12%


Name of Candidate Party Votes Elected?
FRANCIS Jarelle Andrae Green Party 1,276
HALEY Brian Andrew Liberal Democrats 1,687
LAMMY David Labour Party 40,249 Yes
RUMBLE Patricia Ann UK Independence Party (UKIP) 462
STACEY Myles Conservative Party 5,665

Number of rejected papers: 147
Turnout: 49494
Percentage turnout: 67.91%