General Election 2019

12 December 2019

Below are the results for the two Haringey constituencies:

Hornsey and Wood Green

Name of Candidate Party Votes Elected?
BARNES, Dawn Liberal Democrats – to Stop Brexit 15,884
CORRIGAN, Daniel John Brexit Party 763
FRANCIS, Jarelle Green Party 2,192
MCGUINNESS, Ed Conservative Party 6,829
SPIBY-VANN, Helen Christian Peoples Alliance 211
WAKIE, Salah El-Din Independent 100
WEST, Catherine Elizabeth Labour Party 35,126 Yes

Number of rejected papers: 197
Turnout: 61,105 (74.7%)


Name of Candidate Party Votes Elected?
BENCE, Andrew Charles Social Democratic Party 91
CHAN, Emma Green Party 1,873
LAMMY, David Labour Party 35,621 Yes
NEWHALL, James Ainsley Conservative Party 5,446
PALMER, Tammy Catherine Liberal Democrats – to Stop Brexit 3,168
SILBERMAN, Jonathan Communist League 42
SWEENEY, Frank Workers’ Revolutionary Party 88
TURAY, Abdul Hamid Brexit Party 527

Number of rejected papers: 204
Turnout: 46,856 (61.9%)